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Livonia, MI 48150
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In-Store Services
  • Motor Oil Recycling
  • Battery Recycling
  • Battery Installation
  • Starter, Alternator, Battery Bench Testing
  • Loaner Tools
  • Gear Oil Recycling
  • Wiper Blade Installation
  • Charging System Testing
  • *Store services subject to change. Contact store to confirm service availability.
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Advance Auto Parts Livonia, MI | Store #8782

Looking for a Livonia auto parts store? Choose Advance Auto Parts on 30200 PLYMOUTH RD to find what you need at an affordable price.

To do your own vehicle repairs, you need quality auto parts, ranging from truck or car batteries for reliable starting power to truck or car brakes for safe driving. In the 30200 PLYMOUTH RD store, you'll find shocks and struts for a smooth comfortable ride, what's needed for a proper tune up, including motor oil ,filters, belts and much more.

At your Livonia auto parts store, there's much more than the items needed for repairs and maintenance. There are also friendly, knowledgeable Team Members who will answer questions and recommend the parts needed to do your own repairs.

For added convenience, order any quality auto parts online and pick them up at your Livonia auto parts store at 30200 PLYMOUTH RD on the same day. Need more information about this store? Call 734-466-9748 today.

When quality auto parts are needed, fast, convenient service is important. Fortunately, Advance Auto Parts is open 7 days a week.

Stop by 30200 PLYMOUTH RD in Livonia to find exactly what you need. For even more time savings, order what you need online and then pick it up at your Advance Auto Parts store.

If you need help choosing the right parts, ask any Team Member at your Advance Auto Parts store and get knowledgeable advice.

The Advance Auto Parts Team knows what parts are right for each job. Are you more of a visual learner? If so, then watch these auto repair videos with clear and helpful step by step instructions.

Make the Livonia auto parts store at 30200 PLYMOUTH RD in Livonia your store today. Call 734-466-9748 with any questions.

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Store Reviews for Advance Auto Parts Livonia, MI
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3.3 Rating

Kyle Wilkin
2016-08-09 02:38:38-05
Review Source:

Shane Vandecar
2016-08-01 02:22:52-05
Guys are great here. Willing and helpful attitude. Thanks!
Review Source:

2016-07-24 02:20:53-05
Review Source:

Marjus Hoxha
2016-04-24 02:35:27-05
I ordered a part and it gave me a confirmation number that the order was placed and it should available for in store pick up. Went to the store and the lady at the front didn't seemed to understand why it let me place an order and take my money on the spot but yet no part in store at all. When asked why would it let me place an order and drive 25 min out of my way to pick up the part and the part wasn't available she just stated that she didn't know nothing. When asked if they could call another store she just stated to say well your money will be back after pending charges fall threw. I work customer service and I know how the pending charges work. Absolutely zero customer service and I will no longer do business with advance auto parts especially the one in Plymouth road Livonia.
Review Source:

Joshua Harmon
2016-02-08 19:17:14-06
Review Source:

Eric Tereshinski
2016-01-08 17:10:16-06
Review Source:

Daniel Ytterock
2015-12-07 17:10:16-06
Review Source:

Cassie Giordano
2015-02-05 17:10:16-06
I'm writing this on behalf of my husband because I was seriously annoyed at this store's management of the order he placed. We needed a new distributor cap for the car, something my husband thought he could do himself, so he ordered the part, which they said would be in by the end of the day. By closing, no call had come and when he called to check they said deliveries were delayed due to weather. Fair enough, but then the part didn't arrive for the entire next day, and again, we weren't called with an update. The next day my husband decided to have his car towed to the shop and called auto parts to cancel the order. By now this is the third day after the order, and when he called the store they said something to the effect of "oh yeah, it's been here two days, are you going to come and pick it up?" My husband pointed out that he now had no car to drive there with, since our other car was out of town with me for the weekend, so he wanted to cancel the order. To add insult to injury, he was now told that to cancel the order he had to bring his credit card back in before they could refund his money. A week and a half later we still haven't got our money back.
Review Source:

Leo Wonch
2015-02-05 17:10:16-06
HORRIBLE; 18 yr. old daughter stopped to get wiper blades, They told her the only ones they had where also the most expensive that they carried. She bought them and had them install them on the car. a week later one of them fell apart going down the road, she was able to stop and pick it up but when she tried to get it replaced, she could not find the reciept they would not do anything to help her and where very Rude to her. I stopped at the store to try to get things straitened out they told me that there was no way that they could tell if it was one of there products, I took one of the blades off the shelf put it on the counter and told them that I could tell the difference between that one and there competitors, there General Manager Jeremy told me to leave his store or he was going to call the police. Real good customer service.I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ADVANCE AUTO AGAIN/
Review Source:

Deqouya Carroll
2015-02-05 17:10:16-06
Best dam store I now because I bought a plow truck light from here a service was great
Review Source: